Review: Blood On My Hands by Todd Strasser

Summary from Goodreads: Callie is at an October keg party in the woods, when she notices that her friend Katherine has gone missing. The kids spread out to look for her and Callie finds her, lying on a path, with a big, bloody fake knife in her. She reaches for the knife and raises it, only to discover, to her horror, that it is real. At that moment, another of the search party stumbles on them, and takes a photo of Callie holding the bloody knife. Now she is the suspect in a grisly murder. How can she prove her innocence – and find the true murderer?


I read this book years ago and absolutely loved it. I came across it again recently and decided to give it another read to see if it lived up to my memory of it. And believe me when I said it did.

The story of it was so intriguing and it was hard not to be captivated. We are thrown straight into the action with our main character, Callie, found standing above her dead friend with a knife in her hand. So naturally, Callie runs.

There is a lot of tension in the book and you have to keep reading to see what happens. It is extremely addictive. Todd Strasser wrote this book wonderfully and each character was brilliantly developed.

 I loved the twists and turn that carried on throughout this book. I was completely shocked when we discover a lot of things. It was brilliant.

I admit that the ending left me rather emotional as it had all those years again. It was an ending that, once again, left me thinking “This can’t be the ending. There has to be a sequel!”. Unfortunately, that was not the case. To my dismay this is part of a series but the next book does not carry on from this one.

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