REVIEW: When No One Is Watching by Linathi Makanda

From Goodreads:
When No One Is Watching is a compilation of poems about love and the loss thereof, trauma and the dark reflections that come with it. It is a depiction of sides that people don’t readily show, sides of vulnerability, insecurity and tiny amounts of hope. One could say it is the result of shedding light into a world of secrecy, escapism, an alternate reality belonging to an alternate version of an individual. When No One Is Watching is the truth in its purest form.

*A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*


You know that feeling when you read something that resonates with you so closely and in so many ways that it makes your heart beat faster than normal? That’s how I felt so much of the way through When No One Is Watching. At several instances throughout this collection I found myself staying on the same page reading the same poem over and over again just wondering how someone had managed to put so many feelings into such a short space; some of the poems are one sentence long but they mean just as much as the longer ones. Sometimes I feel they mean more, because a lot of them just hit me right in the chest.

It was a different experience reading this collection of poems than I’ve had reading other poems, I can’t quite put my finger on why that is. I think it might be that it really touched on such personal aspects of my own life and my feelings towards myself. I loved how each poem flowed to the next and it all told a story; a story that I think will resonate with so many people.

I genuinely feel that this collection put back pieces that I didn’t think were missing within myself. I hope that doesn’t sound dramatic because it’s true. I’ve read the whole thing from front to back 4 times before I sat down to write this review and each time it felt like a different experience.

I honestly can not recommend When No One Is Watching enough. And can we take a second to admire that beautiful cover?

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